Ironman Louisville Race Recap

The decision to do a full Ironman distance race arose when discussing post 70.3 World Championships race plans with my coach, David. Knowing that I wanted to try one at some point in the foreseeable future, David  suggested prioritizing some longer sessions over the next few weeks, competing in Ironman Louisville, and then taking a much needed training break. The 2017 season had its ups and downs, as is life, but overall I was feeling good about the results. There was not much time to ponder over the decision to race (typically a good thing for me!), so I figured why…read more >

Mental Fitness for Race Weekend

As much as triathletes enjoy the triathlon lifestyle, when it comes to the actual racing we tend to get nervous. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but for many of us, we are programed to get anxious when we have worked toward a goal and the day has come to execute. If you are one of the many who suffer from the 48-hours-pre-race-through-the-start-of-the-swim-jitters, the following are helpful tips for managing this affliction so that you can relax as much as possible those couple of days leading up to a race: 1) Make a list of everything you need for…read more >

Wrapping Up the Season in the Land of Our Southern Neighbors

There is always a bit of hesitation when pulling the trigger on a race decision. In this case, I was on the fence: finish the season in Austin or Los Cabos? Ultimately the decision was made based on the fact that I was set on a vacation that involved a beach at some point this year, so hey, why not roll it all into one trip!? The morning of the race was picturesque. While there was a bit of a swell during the swim, the water was warm in the blueseventy swimskin and the winds were calm. After all but drowning…read more >

ITU Long Course Worlds in OKC

While all triathlon racing is challenging, this race was the biggest test of perseverance stress mitigation that I have experienced thus far since I started racing! When I singed up for this race I was not aware of how many small rules and regulations differed from Ironman // WTC racing. I am sharing this in order to offer some advice: if you are ever planning to do any type of 'ITU' race, look and plan way ahead. That being said, I got to the start line with everything in order and ready to race. The 4k // 120k // 30k distances marked my…read more >


I have tried out  multiple types race wheels throughout racing as a pro, and for the second year in a row, without a doubt the ENVE wheels are my top pick. It is no coincidence that ENVE wheels rode to the fastest bike split in Kona last year and five stage wins in this year's Tour de France. I currently race with the latest and greatest ENVE SES  7.8 wheels .. and while these Tri // TT wheels look beyond slick, they are not 'just another pretty wheel.' I have found that they perform superbly in all conditions. A case in point: the Racine 70.3 race…read more >

IM 70.3 Racine Race Recap

This month's 31 mile + half marathon, the "70.3" in Racine, WI was a strange one this year! But hey, we all sign up for these races knowing that the unexpected can unfold at any time, as triathlon is chock-full of variables at all times. After waking up before the sun and heading to the race as usual, we learned that we had to kill time until 10:30am. I was thankful to have family there (yay for the remaining midwest pro races!), so we hopped in the car and got a second light breakfast at a local restaurant and watched some serious…read more >

Boulder 70.3: Race Recap

There was no question about Boulder 70.3 being on my race schedule for the 3rd season in a row, because who can pass up a hometown, travel-less race? While I enjoy the fact that triathlon has introduced me to many new places, it is always nice to have a breather from the travel stressors (i.e Did the bike make it in one piece? Is my flight delayed?). Since the weather is always a significant variable in racing, I should note the week // weekend was set to be a TOASTY one. While I typically say bring on the heat, the…read more >

One down .. One just around the corner ..

This weekend I am heading into my second race of the year: Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga. I have heard great things about this course's beauty, and you'll never see me scoff at a downstream swim! An incredibly strong field is signed up, so I look forward to see how everyone lines up at the finish line. The cycling numbers v. effort have improved the past few weeks, which is typically a good sign, but it is never a good idea to try to overly-predict a race result. So we shall see what transpires! My first race was in mid-April at Ironman…read more >

Happy WINTER Training

Boulder, CO is my home, and while we do not experience the absolute roughest winters, we get our fair share of snow, ice and cold temperatures. Thus, I have figured out some ways to stay as triathlon-sane as possible through the winter months. The following are some random winter tips pertaining to the sport. Sometimes small details can add up to a significant difference when it comes to getting motivated to train when it would be so easy to cozy up in a blanket on the couch: - Swimming outside? Invest in a large swim jacket, and if there is a…read more >

Triathlon: The Balancing Act of 3 Disciplines

It is easy to look at the sport of triathlon and think of it as three separate sports combined into one sporting event. But if you define triathlon as a single sport of its own, than I believe that one's relative success in the sport is significantly correlated to the ability to balance the three disciplines, both in training and racing. And when I say 'balance', I do not necessarily mean giving equal weight (or shall we say, training stress) to each sport, but rather giving special attention to areas of needed improvement while keeping consistently moving with all three…read more >