Breaking Through Monotony

Endurance sports. We all know what we signed up for, and we signed up for it for a reason: being active in this manner can make us the best version of ourselves, both mentally and physically.  We enjoy a challenge and setting goals.  We enjoy connecting with and contributing to a (generally) healthy, vivacious group of individuals. But let's be honest. Sometimes, no matter how mentally tough you can be, or how much you love endurance sports, the training can get a bit monotonous. Maybe there are people out there who have the freakish ability to completely zone out and…read more >

The Importance of Testing in Triathlon

If you attempt to train seriously for triathlon without doing the appropriate testing, you will make it through eventually, but there will be a lot of confusion and wasted time and effort. I do not claim to be an formally educated expert in the science of physiology, but since starting to train consistently with triathlon I have had three coaches, and all of them have implemented testing at some point.  This is because setting training heart rate (and power on the bike if applicable) 'zones' is a crucial component to steady improvement. And testing at appropriate additional times throughout the year…read more >