Triathlon: The Balancing Act of 3 Disciplines

It is easy to look at the sport of triathlon and think of it as three separate sports combined into one sporting event. But if you define triathlon as a single sport of its own, than I believe that one's relative success in the sport is significantly correlated to the ability to balance the three disciplines, both in training and racing. And when I say 'balance', I do not necessarily mean giving equal weight (or shall we say, training stress) to each sport, but rather giving special attention to areas of needed improvement while keeping consistently moving with all three…read more >

Sponsor Highlight: ENVE WHEELS

This year's official wheel of the Ironman World Championships  STRONG, LIGHT, STIFF, AND AERO – THE ENVE PROCESS These wheels FLY .. I have used various other brands of race wheels throughout racing as a pro triathlete thus far, and without a doubt the ENVE wheels are my top pick. I use the 3.9 clinchers for training and the 8.9 tubulars for racing. And while I can attribute consistently faster bike times to improved ability, in non-drafting racing one cannot ignore the time savings from incredibly aerodynamic wheels. Case in point: ENVE wheels helped post the fastest bike split in…read more >