ITU Long Course Worlds in OKC

While all triathlon racing is challenging, this race was the biggest test of perseverance stress mitigation that I have experienced thus far since I started racing! When I singed up for this race I was not aware of how many small rules and regulations differed from Ironman // WTC racing. I am sharing this in order to offer some advice: if you are ever planning to do any type of 'ITU' race, look and plan way ahead. That being said, I got to the start line with everything in order and ready to race. The 4k // 120k // 30k distances marked my…read more >


I have tried out  multiple types race wheels throughout racing as a pro, and for the second year in a row, without a doubt the ENVE wheels are my top pick. It is no coincidence that ENVE wheels rode to the fastest bike split in Kona last year and five stage wins in this year's Tour de France. I currently race with the latest and greatest ENVE SES  7.8 wheels .. and while these Tri // TT wheels look beyond slick, they are not 'just another pretty wheel.' I have found that they perform superbly in all conditions. A case in point: the Racine 70.3 race…read more >