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Boulder, CO is my home, and while we do not experience the absolute roughest winters, we get our fair share of snow, ice and cold temperatures. Thus, I have figured out some ways to stay as triathlon-sane as possible through the winter months.

The following are some random winter tips pertaining to the sport. Sometimes small details can add up to a significant difference when it comes to getting motivated to train when it would be so easy to cozy up in a blanket on the couch:

– Swimming outside? Invest in a large swim jacket, and if there is a dry sauna where you are swimming, sit in there for about 5 min right before going outside. Game changer!

– Doing a long ride on the bike trainer? Organize a trainer party with friends, as chatting and watching movies together is far more entertaining than a solitary session. Watch a Netflix series that does not require much brain power and switch between the show and music. Vary your cadence / gear work even if you do not have a specific workout.

– Doing a long run on a treadmill? Break the monotony by varying therun res incline setting throughout the run and gain strength from the ‘hills’.

– Sign up for a race .. Any race. Or even plan our your race schedule for the year. Knowing that you’ve taken the plunge and paid the entry fee will get you moving.

– Get outside even if it’s cold, especially if you do not have specific intervals to worry about. Fresh air and sunlight are good for our well being, even if we cannot see the sun. Metal studs on the run shoes work wonders and allow you do run on beautiful trails you may otherwise avoid because of the footing.

And a special shout-out in this realm to Maverick Multisport Team supporter: Jaybird.

The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones have made winter training so much more enjoyable. I often NEED a music option when on a treadmill or trainer, so not having to worry about a tangled up cord or the placement of my device is a helpful. It’s also nice to be able to adjust tracks and volume on the headphones themselves as opposed to via the device.

The X2s come with different sizes of of ear tips and fins so that you can get a snug, secure fit that isn’t compromised with movement. The sound quality is perfect, they block out extra noise, and I have yet to lose the bluetooth connection.convenient and enjoyable.

Rocking with the X2s in the Miami 70.3 transition area.

Rocking with the X2s in the Miami 70.3 transition area.


Another innovative product from Jaybird: the REIGN. My favorite feature is the sleep dial, which shows your ideal sleep-time, last night’s sleep-time, and recommended sleep-time for tonight to be at your best tomorrow.

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