Boulder 70.3: Race Recap

There was no question about Boulder 70.3 being on my race schedule for the 3rd season in a row, because who can pass up a hometown, travel-less race? While I enjoy the fact that triathlon has introduced me to many new places, it is always nice to have a breather from the travel stressors (i.e Did the bike make it in one piece? Is my flight delayed?).

Since the weather is always a significant variable in racing, I should note the week // weekend was set to be a TOASTY one. While I typically say bring on the heat, the sudden onslaught was a bit of a shock to the system, thus I took the taper week even more low key than usual due to feeling extra lethargy. The morning of the race I felt more spring in my step than I had during the week, which I know many triathletes experience. Phew. 🙂

The swim start at altitude always seems to shoot that heart rate up, but I just fo60_m-100722675-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1353_048759-1651523cused on relaxed breathing and getting on some feet. I was stoked to swim with a pack for the majority of the race, which is something that does not always transpire. The water was a perfect temp. for the BlueSeventy swim skin, and I continue to feel more and more relaxed swimming in races these days.

The bike course took us on some very familiar roads, all of which I have ridden frequently during my time here in Boulder. Aside from the fact that we were told the course was 1.5-ish miles short, the familiarity seemed to make the bike leg fly by compared to other races, perhaps because I knew exactly what was coming up and could break it up in segments. Power-wise, I negative split this leg of the race, which is something I preach to the athletes I coach but do not always do myself! In addition to steadyily taking in my INFINIT nutrition, I took the time to grab water at all aid stations in preparation for the march around the Boulder reservoir that was to come.



My plan on the run was to not do anything crazy, as on this exposed course, too hard too fast at the beginning would be exceptionally detrimental. The course kept us working with its hills and minimal amount of pavement. It was nice to see so many familiar faces out there, and thank you for the splits Ryan & Michael! While it was not the ‘fastest’ run ever for me, I was satisfied to do what it took to get a podium spot for the day. Congrats to everyone who knocked out this race!

Now back to the drawing board to figure out the schedule for the rest of the season ..




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