IM 70.3 Racine Race Recap

This month’s 31 mile + half marathon, the “70.3” in Racine, WI was a strange one this year! But hey, we all sign up for these races knowing that the unexpected can unfold at any time, as triathlon is chock-full of variables at all times.

After waking up before the sun and heading to the race as usual, we learned that we had to kill time until 10:30am. I was thankful to have family there (yay for the remaining midwest pro races!), so we hopped in the car and got a second light breakfast at a local restaurant and watched some serious down pouring. This time the weatherman was on point, and the sun and heat ramped up right around the time we were supposed to start the race. It was disappointing to not have a swim, as the sun was shining off the relatively calm, inviting Lake Michigan water, but all we could do was embrace the opportunity to try something // a distance combo that was a totally new experience!

The race finally got going with a time trial bike start. Anyone who has raced in Racine knows it can be a bumpy ride, and this year was no exception. Add in some GUSTY wind and it made for a challenging 31 miles that required sharp focus on the Argon18 ride. There is not an exact equation for how muchRacineRun faster to go when the distance is shortened, but I did my best to notch it up a tad while not fully in olympic distance mode.

When it came to the half marathon portion, add an incredibly packed run course to the time trail start, and as you can imagine, it was an odd feeling to not have much of an idea where we stood. Since the weather is always a factor, and the sticky midwest summer heat did not disappoint, I knew keeping cool via water dumps at the aid stations was not something to skip! I faltered the last few miles of the run, which I am taking as an opportunity to learn, but overall I was satisfied enough to cross the line in 6th place, with the STRONG squad consisting of Lauren // Sarah // Sarah // Jeanni // Jodi ahead of me.

One reason I chose to sign up for this race was that it worked out nicely with a visit to the midwest to spend time with my family .. including my niece and nephew, who always leave a part of me feeling like I should live closer to them. Since the race I have taken time to rest up, enjoy both my remaining visit ‘home’ as well as Boulder, and finalize what the rest of 2016 will hold tri-wise!


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