enve-site-logoI have tried out  multiple types race wheels throughout racing as a pro, and for the second year in a row, without a doubt the ENVE wheels are my top pick. It is no coincidence that ENVE wheels rode to the fastest bike split in Kona last year and five stage wins in this year’s Tour de France.

I currently race with the latest and greatest ENVE SES  7.8 wheels .. and while these Tri // TT wheels look beyond slick, they are not ‘just another pretty wheel.’ I have found that they perform superbly in all conditions. A case in point: the Racine 70.3 race this year. With the stormy weather came unexpectedly horrendous winds. Anyone who has ridden with me knows I will never win the award for best bike handler, and I was surprised how much I was able to stay in the aero position. With all of the variables and details that come along with racing triathlon, I like the fact that my race wheels are set, no matter the conditions. There is no worrying about switching out a wheel here and there nor toting along extra wheels to races.

enve-7-8-brake-track-1455726966990-1plif3du0920v-630-80One stand-out feature: based on aerodynamics R&D, the 7.8s feature asymmetric rim geometry with a front rim that is slightly shallower and wider than the back. And the wider rim widths allow for a wider tire, which has been proven to lower rolling resistance as well as improve shock-absorption on bumpy road surfaces.

Another unique feature is the moulded-in carbon brake track texture, which improves stopping and performs in wet conditions, which is something we can all appreciate as we scream through a race course!

You do not have to take from me when it comes to the tech specs, as the ENVE website is a great resource for all things aero wheels. Happy riding!!



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