Wrapping Up the Season in the Land of Our Southern Neighbors

There is always a bit of hesitation when pulling the trigger on a race decision. In this case, I was on the fence: finish the season in Austin or Los Cabos? Ultimately the decision was made based on the fact that I was set on a vacation that involved a beach at some point this year, so hey, why not roll it all into one trip!?

The morning of the race was picturesque. While there was a bit of a swell during the swim, the water was warm in the blueseventy swimskin and the winds were calm. After all but drowning in Oklahoma City in September ;);), I was exceptionally appreciative of these conditions, as they have proven to be significantly in my favor. I swam solo for the last half of the swim and the arms have never felt stronger.


The Swim Start

The Los Cabos bike course offered some challenging hills and hot, windy flats. On a couple of the turn-arounds I was able to see a group ahead of me .. but knew most likely I would not catch them at the pace I was holding. I told myself to stick to the hydration // INFINIT nutrition to prepare for the impending HOT run and be careful to not make any silly tri-mistakes with pacing or a rushed aid station grab.

Due to the heat I went out cautiously on the run, being sure to not overdo it on those first few miles. I stuck to both positive thoughts and a steady, smooth pace better than I have all year, and as I am sure many did at this race, focused on staying hydrated. It was the best I felt all year running 13.1 and I crossed the line in 2nd. A great way to end the season!

A big take-home from this experience did not even have to do with the race: it is worth it do some off-of-the-all-inclusive excursions around the Los Cabos area! For the post race vacation it would have been way too easy to sit around at the all-inclusive like a sloth. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that type of vacation, I have done it in the past and it can be a much needed respite from the every day busyness.


Delicious, authentic Mexican fare in Todos Santos, home of ‘Hotel California’.

Though our explorations involved some time in the rental car, it was worth it to experience the Dia de los Muertos celebration in the quaint town of Todos Santos, Cerritos beach with the perfect waves, the various beaches that were empty as far as the eye could see, the homemade chili rellenos in the tiny town of Santiago, and the a late night bouncing around Cabo San Lucas (ok that one involved a ‘party bus’!).

And do not worry, I have had plenty of sloth-like rest while back home in Boulder…

Happy training, racing and travels!

With winner Angela Neath .. fun fact: I stayed in her dorm room when I was 17 // on a recruiting visit at the University of Missouri!


Ryan put up with me pre vacation-portion :).

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